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16'8" Canoe

16'8" Canoe

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The 16'8" Canoe is ideal for a family with young children and performs well as a wilderness tripping canoe (the 16'8" Canoe has been paddled down the Nahanni River). It is one of our most stable choices for paddling enthusiasts who require great initial stability. The 16'8" Canoe is a first choice for paddlers requiring maximum stability in a canoe. It's great for families with dogs as well as kids. The 16'8" Canoe has sometimes been described as the canoe for the non-canoer. Paddlers with limited experience will feel secure with minimum practice. While paddlers in other canoes are practicing their braces, you’ll be working on turns and fast paddling techniques.

Its flared sides make it seaworthy and its moderate rocker ensures a maneuverable craft. The 16'8" Canoe has a shallow arch hull with soft chines that make it more controllable in severe weather conditions compared to canoes built strictly for speed.

The 16'8" Canoe is at home on virtually any water condition encountered in recreational paddling, whether river, lake, or ocean paddling. This model also easily adapts to a side motor mount for an electric motor, so you can troll as well as fly-fish. The mount is also great for hunting trips.

16'8" Canoe Standard Features:
  • Bucket Seats
  • Yoke
  • Footbrace
  • Flotation Tanks
  • Bow and Stern Thwarts
16'8" Canoe
Length: 16'8"
Width: 36"
Bow Height: 20"
Stern Height: 20"
Center Height: 14"
Weight: 66 lbs.
Material: Fiberglass
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