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10 Person Attraction Boat w/ Stern Wheel

10 Person Attraction Boat w/ Stern Wheel

10 Person Attraction Boat w/ Stern Wheel
Sale Price: $30,999.00
MSRP: $34,999.00
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Product Description

The 10 Person attraction boat has a real operating paddle wheel that is actually propelling the boat. The paddle wheel is run by an electric motor that is powered by a generator that is also supplying power to lights and other gadgets on-board the boat. The hull is made of low maintenance fiberglass with steel reinforcement. Get the versatile boat with lights for evening or night operation. The lights use a safe 12 volt system. If you plan to operate boat in small spaces we recommend you get the boat with a bow thruster to make it able to turn on a dime. We can also install a PA or music system for your guest pleasure. We can also customize a theme for you liking.

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