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Click to enlarge<font size="20">Solo XT-15 Kayak</font>
Length: 15 ft 
Beam: 23 in 
Depth: 10 in 
Capacity: 300 lbs
Weight: 39 lbs. 
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We love paddling this kayak. 23 inch beam and moderate volume makes it a great kayak for day tripping or a few days of camping. Its xt-15-actionspeed makes miles easy, and great stability lets you relax and enjoy the ride. This is a proven travel kayak. We paddled samples in Europe twice before XTs were even in production. That involved seven flights on several airlines, six train rides and an assortment of buses and subways. The coast of Norway is a fantastic place for kayak touring!

Solo XT-15 Kayak
Hull Color: 
Deck Color: 

Economy Canoe / Kayak Trailer
Multi Boat Launch
Economy Canoe / Kayak Trailer

MSRP: $1,099.00
Sale Price: $999.00
Multi Boat Launch

MSRP: $2,499.00
Sale Price: $1,999.00
6 Good Life Vests Package
6 Better Life Vests Package
6 Good Life Vests Package

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Sale Price: $199.00
6 Better Life Vests Package

MSRP: $329.00
Sale Price: $239.00

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