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Length: 29'
Width: 51"
Bow Height: 37"
Stern Height: 37"
Center Height: 20"
Max # Of Paddlers: 14 People
Weight: 400 lbs.
Material: Fiberglasss
Manufacturer: Pro Strike
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The 29' Canoe has been paddled all over North America in a wide range of conditions. While the style of this canoe is reminiscent of historical fur trade canoes, the performance of the Langley is right out of the future.

The 29' Canoe is built to provide years of maintenance free service. The hull is stiffened with a high-tec ˝" vacuum bagged foam core, sandwiched between layers of fiberglass and KevlarŽ. This results in a very rigid hull, giving you excellent performance.The 29' Canoe features a shallow arch hull with 4-5" of rocker, and excellent initial stability. The stern paddler can easily control the canoe in most conditions. Add a knowledgeable bow paddler and the 29' Canoe can turn on a dime. The stern paddler sits elevated on a molded bucket seat built in to the endcap of the canoe. This offers a clear line of sight over other paddlers.

In normal conditions, the 29' Canoe will easily handle 14 paddlers, with the option of adding 2-3 kids in the middle of the wider center seats. For additional flotation, the contoured fiberglass seats are built with a 4.5" thick block of foam across the entire width of the seat. This, combined with flotation tanks in either end of the canoe, gives the 29' Canoe hundreds of pounds of positive flotation.

The 51" width of the 29' Canoe allows two hulls to fit side by side on a standard 8.5' trailer. Providing a stable ride with exceptional performance, the 29' Canoe ensures years of maintenance-free service, and is a great addition to any camp or outfitter canoe program.

29' Canoe Standard Features:
  • 4 1/2" x 10" Foam in Seat Provides Max Flotation
  • End Chambers Filled With Styrofoam For Additional Buoyancy
  • Hull Reinforced with 1/2" Marine Structural Foam
  • Keel Line Reinforced with Kevlar and S-Glass
  • Outer Gunnel Construction From Customized Vinyl Extrusion for Maintenance-Free Durability
  • Aluminum Thwarts for Maintenance-Free Durability
  • Fiberglass Seat Rail for Extra Strength
  • Interior Gunnel 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" Anodized Aluminum

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    29' Canoe
    CC-29LANGMSRP: $8,399.00Sale Price: $7,929.00
    Drop Skeg: 
    Gunnel Covers: 
    Wood Trim Package: 
    Wilderness Lash System: 
    Footbrace Installed: 
    Slinding Seat Installed: 
    Fiberglass Seat Hanger Installed (per seat): 
    Kevlar Seat Hanger Installed (per seat): 
    Flat Wood Yoke Installed In Place of Center Thwart: 
    Deep Dish Wood Yoke Installed: 
    Deep Dish Yoke in Place of Flat Wood Yoke: 
    Kneeling Thwart Installed: 
    Layer of CAP Chemically Activated Polyester: 
    Layer of S-Glass 4 oz.: 
    Layer Of S-Glass 6 oz.: 
    Vinylester Resin Lay-Up: 
    External Bang Plate Installed: 
    Foam Core: 
    Special Color (Dark Green Or Grey): 
    Custom Colors: 
    Expedition Spray Skirt: 
    Black Anodized Gunnel And Thwarts: 
    Gunnel Cover Installed (when canoe is built): 
    Wood/Web Seat: 

  • 6 Good Life Vests Package
    6 Better Life Vests Package
    6 Good Life Vests Package

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    6 Better Life Vests Package

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