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Summer Fun Package

Summer Fun Package

Summer Fun Package
Item# sufunpa
Sale Price: $6,594.00
MSRP: $8,999.00

Product Description

2005 Water Bee 200 Pedal Boat
Length - 89"
Height - 30"
Width - 60"
Weight - 130 lbs.
Capacity - 800 lbs.
Colors - Yellow

Designed and built to the highest standards, the Water Bee™ 200 pedal boat is self-bailing, attractive, ocean-duty tough, and feature rich. Future Beach’s patented, 5 Flex-Pitch paddle blades and advanced transmission system provide efficient propulsion to maximize speed. The self-bailing hull promotes self-cleaning and prevents the build-up of scum and other bacterial agents typically found in vacuum-formed pedal boats. The entire family will enjoy a comfortable, fast and fun ride. Children will especially love splashing their feet in the water while seated on the two molded-in rear seats. In between the two molded-in rear seats is a horizontal plastic bar that can be used to climb back onto the boat, or to support a small slide. Explore nature’s beautiful lakes, rivers, and ponds with the whole family.

Features include:

- Self-bailing pedal wells stay dry & clean
- Self-cleaning, water-lubricated large Delrin bearings
- Patented drive system with 5 hydrodynamic Flex-Pitch paddle blades for superior propulsion
- 5-person capacity
- Catamaran design provides exceptional stability
- Large volume hull provides tremendous buoyancy
- Easy maintenance
- 100% non-corroding crankshaft and bearings
- 4-position adjustable Bee-Dry air-cooled backrests, ergonomically designed for the perfect fit
- Stabilizers for exceptional tracking on windy days
- Ergonomically designed to provide a safe and comfortable ride
- Large sun deck
- Ocean-duty construction
- All functional parts are integrated into one uni-molded hull
- Roto-molded from high-density, durable polyethylene
- UV stable to protect against fading
- Integral handles
- Built-in cup holders
- Built-in storage/self-draining cooler

2005 CK200 Double Kayak
Width 36"
Depth 27"
Weight 65lbs
Capacity 500lbs

Excellent for beginners or expert paddlers, Catamaran™200 kayaks are attractive, rugged and ergonomically designed with graduated foot braces to accommodate everyone. Our unique catamaran hull provides superior stability and outperforms traditional kayaks with exceptional tracking and efficient glide. The 200 has a compact design and is so stable and buoyant that allows for another person to lay out on the kayak’s deck while another paddles. Paddle, super comfortable backrest, bungee-tie down cord, storage hatch, and built-in pull strap included.

Features include:

- Catamaran design for exceptional stability
- Excellent tracking in windy conditions
- Self-bailing cockpit
- Roto-molded from high-density, durable polyethylene
- Upswept bow ensures easy handling in waves
- Large volume hull for increased buoyancy
- Graduated foot braces
- Pull strap with plastic hooks for easy pulling and docking
- Watertight storage compartment and tie-down bungee cord for taking food and refreshments on long journeys
- Ultra-comfortable, saddleseat backrests
- Ocean-duty construction
- Integral handles
- 100% non-corrosive
- Easy maintenance
- Paddle included
- UV stable to protect against fading
- Steel guards underneath for added protection when dragging on beach
- 2 paddles included

Oasis System
Length: 90"
Width: 20"
Ground to top of canopy: 120"
Diameter of canopy at widest points: 190"

A versatile and effective merchandizing and service tool, the bright and attractive Oasis Kiosk will help all entertainment and events operations yield maximum profitability. Ideal for any application including concessions, trade shows, beach rentals, activities center, or as a fully functional bar. Customize the kiosk with a corporate flag and affix logos and/or promotions to the individual counters to ensure maximum visibility for your product, service, or corporate sponsors.

Features include:

-Multi-functional modular system
-Quick and easy to install on wood, grass, sand, or concrete
-Expands to satisfy every need
-Lockable storage cabinets
-Ample shelving
-Durable roto-molded UV treated polyethylene construction
-Available in customized colors

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