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Length: 4'
Width: 24'
Weight: 2.5 lbs per sq. ft.
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Boat Boarding System

Our ramps are expandable and extendable. You are not "locked-in" to one length. You can add or remove sections as your needs change.

• Our ramps are made from marine grade aluminum with aluminum honeycomb core. NOT a COMPOSITE CORE that may wick water!

• Our ramps are made with an internaly welded frame with welded in cross members to insure strenght and stability.

• Our ramps are made with the aluminum honeycomb core bonded to the frame on all sides. Not just "laid i n" as others do.

• Our ramps use custom made quick mounting forks made from marine grade aluminum. (Not a flimsy home gate latch like you would find at a home improvement store ) This mounting system is designed to safely secure the ramp to the vessel or dock and maintain that attachment under the most severe sea and wind conditions. We do not use a gate latch that might fail like some others.

• Our ramps have a rubber edge guard on all sides to help protect your vessel from scratches.

• Our ramps have Eye rings to let you attach lines.

• Our ramps have a replaceable UHMW skid plate to protect the dock or pier.

• Our ramps let you add a full length handrail that will help support you if you should stumble. (NOT A SMALL "T" HANDLE or rope THAT MAY OR MAY NOT STEADY YOU.

• Our ramps are wider for better stability, easier boarding and the use of "roll-on's" . (24" wide)

• Our ramps weight less. (Approximately 2.5 Lb per sq. ft. with all mounting hardware attached)

•Our ramps afford you the most flexibility for mounting and reconfiguring for future needs.

• Our ramps are stronger ....All of our ramps will support over 1,000 lb distributed weight.

• Our ramps float. Many will not if lost over the side.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks.

Boat Boarding System
BBSPSMSRP: $1,399.00Sale Price: $1,249.00

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