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Click to enlarge<font size="20">2019 Santee 140 T Kayak</font>
Length: 14'
Width: 31.5" 
Depth: 11" 
Weight: 54 lbs.
Capacity: 425 lbs.
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No longer available!

So you want a tandem kayak. Hey, that doesn’t make you a needy person. It just means you want an extra seat to share the experience. We understand. That’s why we designed the Santee 140t, a tandem kayak with a solo soul. It cuts through the water with the stable, efficient performance of a one-seater. And with our unique Trylon construction, we kept the weight down. At only 54 pounds, you won’t need a winch and pulleys to get the boat off your racks. We gave you a roomy hatch and some added cockpit space for your day-tripping gear. And on those days when you wanna go solo, you can adjust the front seat for single paddling. When you see folks on the water, they won’t scoff at your tandem Santee 140t. They’ll ask for a ride.

2019 Santee 140 T Features:

  • Cockpit Size: 96" x 26"
  • Bulkheads: Stern
  • Hatches: Stern
  • Deck Rigging: Bow
  • Seat & Outfitting: NEW AireStream Seat

    Key to Ideal Use

    1 = Quiet lakes and rivers
    2 = Day touring quiet coastal waters and larger lakes
    3 = Coastal waters, day trips, overnight tripping

    Santee 140T Kayak

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